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The main goal of the company is complex customer service on the highest level, beginning from preparation of project documentation and finishing on construction of object.

Our company has potential that allows us realization of enterprises in a short time. Tasks given to us are performed reliable,
on time, organizationally efficiently, basing on a significant experience and technical-constructional knowledge. We employ about 50 highly qualified employees which together with numerous equipment supply allows us to perform entrusted tasks on our own.

The main field of activity of Gburczyk & Samul company is construction of small and large cubature residential objects, industrial and storage objects. The construction of prefabricated steel halls of Astron company. Roofings are made from the Portan roof membrane.
In our existing achievements, we realized many objects for individual and institutional customers, inter alia: SezupClima, 
Pil-Building, ESC, Termotech, Ekoklar, GWDA Sp. z o. o., POLKON, COLOURS FACTORY, Interak Sp. z o.o. Printing House, MPT MAGO, TECH-PIL, MAC Hormann, TERMETAL, Trumpf-MauxionChocolates Sp. z o.o., PPHU Petrol-Hawen, MEC Piła, MZWiK. KOMAT, MERC Jaworowski, FH Selgar Sławomir Ponicki, OKECHAMP S.A., EKO - PIL Sp. z o. o, TIP-TOP Piła and in facilities of: PHILIPS, SAPA, SEAKING, Centrum Zdrowia Matki Polki in Łódź.

Achieving of intentioned quality of construction services with keeping an economical effectiveness is a main goal our quality politics.
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