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EcoBuild steel buildings
Economical and ecological buildings

We can build an economical and ecological building for you within six weeks, because our halls are all built with pre-fabricated elements. With distribution through our international network we can ensure that schedules are met and that projects’ specified quality standards are strictly adhered to.
Our turnkey concept
for steel buildings is quick and easy: whether you need a production building, room for storage or any other business buildings.
  • In more than 50 countries
  • Buildings for any usage
  • Turnkey concept
  • Quick and easy

EcoBuild halls are built from standardized components to meet your space requirements.
Two different types are available: Type C is based on C profiles and Type T is based on a truss system. Both consist of cold formed structural members, roof and wall panels.

The frame system consists of galvanized cold formed structural components, produced on automated rollforming and punching lines.
  •  Simple and fast installation
  •  In one day the frames are ready
  •  Full installation of purlins, roof, walls and accessories
  •  Pre-defined erection sequence
  •  No cutting, drilling or welding on site
  •  High quality steel building
Efficiency & Quality
  •  Produced according to QMS certified to ISO 9001
  •  Proofed regularly by Bureau Veritas
  •  High quality standard certified by CE marking
  •  Compliance with the EN1090-2 standard
  •  Accordance with EUROCODE
Building type C

Heigth (h)Width (w)Length (l)Roof shapeRoof slope
single pitch roof10 %
single pitch roof
10 %
double pitch roof
double pitch roof
Building type T

Heigth (h)Width (w)Length (l)Roof shapeRoof slope
double pitcg roof
10 %
double pitcg roof
10 %
double pitcg roof
10 %
double pitcg roof
10 %
Steel frames
The frame system consists mainly of galvanized cold formed structural components, produced on automated rollforming and punching lines.
Simple and fast installation
In one day the frames are ready
Full installation of purlins, roof, walls and accessories
Pre-defined erection sequence
No cutting, drilling or welding on site
High quality steel building

Each building comes with a electronic drawing package containing information about all the components and erection.
Roof & Wall

EcoBuild buildings are delivered both insulated as well as uninsulated. We offer an appealing range of sandwich panels providing high thermal insulation, as well as standardized profiles for more traditional built up systems, in a range of standard colors.
   Rain water system
   Personal doors
   Industrial doors
   Translucent panels
   Other openings

Efficiency & Quality
   Produced according to QMS certified to ISO 9001
   Proofed regularly by Bureau Veritas
  High quality standard certified by CE marking
  Compliance with the EN1090-2 standard
   Accordance with EUROCODEI
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